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- Seung-hun Han
82 - 31 - 4941788

Lift and Special Service Tool

Low Profile Motorcycle Lift

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HK Tech is very pleased to introduce us to you that we enjoy our reputation of developing, producing and supplying 'Low Profile Motorcycle Lift' in world market including Japan.
HK Tech, located in Korea, is a manufacturing company on Lift and Special Service Tool(SST).
I confidently say that the quality of our product is dependable.
Because HK Tech designs and manufactures more than 90% of the process by our own.
We always try to improve technology and develop new products. So, we have many special skills and know-how on producing lift.
HK Tech promises that we will produce you the best quality of products and services.
We sell our pride. Do not miss this opportunity. 
If any has deep interested our product, Please do not hesitate contact to us.
Our Mail adress is
Thank you so much.

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